Hey! I am Abi!

What's SentibyAbi about?

I am so glad you stopped by today, and I hope you stay a while!

I created this business as a school project, but more than that, I have seen the Lord use it to encourage and inspire so many people.

I love hearing people tell me their senti hoodie or t-shirt encouraged someone in the grocery store or on campus.

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Who am I?

Well if you are interested...

I am just a girl who has a lot of passions (too many probably), but number one I am most passionate about growing in my intimacy with Jesus :)

After that I love all things travel, videography, productivity (because I'm on a notion kick), and old fashion love songs (as I am listening to Frank Sinatra - a mood).

I am also currently a college senior about to graduate with my undergraduate degree in accounting and we shall see where the Lord leads after that!

Message me - I want to be your friend!  insta: @abigail.swanson

We can also meet on Pinterest and TikTok of course!